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I’m a narcissistic cultist

The point they unwittingly made is that the Free State Project is largely comprised of narcissistic individuals who are incapable of consideration for those who live outside of their cult.

Susan the Bruce

Wow. Ironic. All the other testimonies were their own theatrics, pulling on the heart strings, making emotional-bleeding-heart pleas for taxpayer’s money, in other words, the legalized plunder from others.

“My life story is so much worse than yours that I deserve, no, in fact, I am entitled to your money.” Heck, one guy fell off a skyscraper. He deserves my money. Wheel barrels full of money.

So pathetic and exploitative were their performances, these people had no shame bringing out their own mentally-disabled children, bring them in front of a room full of people, point at them, and tell the committee and all there to hear how worthless and incapable they are, how they will never amount to anything, never overcome their struggles, never make anything of themselves, and can only survive on the government dole. Seriously. That level of dependency was a disgusting sight to see.

In any other circumstance, my heart would go out to these struggles. The pains of life can be heavy. I know it. But to see these “my life is so hard, so unfair, give me your money” was vile. To parade your mentally-disabled children, who had no idea why they were trotted along to sit through a totally boring hearing, to be used as props to get free money is pathetic.

“Incapable of consideration?” Ha! Does Susan not realize for every dollar given to one of these children or their parents is a dollar taken forcibly from someone else and their child? Every dollar taken is a dollar not used for how someone else best sees fit. A dollar lost to someone’s education. A dollar lost to someone else’s health concerns. A dollar to help someone else’s aging grandmother. Government merely redistributes wealth making their decisions, not on who “needs” or “deserves” it most, but purely on political grounds and power. You really think they care? Well they might, if show you them how influential your voting bloc is. Kind of a perverse rational for distributing funds, no? Talk about a lack of consideration. How is it inconsiderate when there is thievery happening, out in the open, in front of me?

And you know what? I take no issue with people who live on food stamps and use government services, and take as much welfare as is available. We cannot remove government out of our lives completely. They have infiltrated ever living pore of human interaction and society. If we simply refused to involve ourselves with anything government has touched, we would surely die. That’s how much power and influence they have taken over our lives. So, yes, fine, take welfare, because the government has significantly monopolized what used to be church services, changed our culture deeply, and diverted what should be our own personal responsibility and cause to take care of each other, to instead be managed, handled, and determined by bureaucratic committees, their lobbyist friends, and people engaged in unions, voting blocs, and collectivist group-think. Democracy truly is a dying giant.

To perpetuate this system of mutual plunder and sickening dependency made me feel absolutely no qualms to punk that hearing, to punk anyone who thinks this is ethical behavior. In fact, our speeches, even though taken straight out of the movies, were absolutely fitting among the rest of the testimonies.

We’re just better actors.

One of the Cool Ones



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